Thank you for your service to our country. Each day we love to salute our American Heroes on Sunny Radio. If you're a veteran or active duty military, We'd be honored to add you to this group. You can call in and record a voicemail on the HERO HOTLINE at 605-549-5580. You can do this anytime that works best for you.... day or night... it is just a voicemail line.

Please try to call from a quiet place so the message sounds the very best.

No worries about any little goofs... we will edit these to make them sound the very best! We will also gladly email you a copy if you let us know where to send it. (you can say that right in the message... we will not put that part on the radio)

Here is our suggested script:


This is ___________________ from __________________

            (your name)                     (your town)
I'm proud to have served my country as a _____________________________________

                                                                              (your rank and military branch)
You're listening to MY STATION for Faith... Freedom...
and the BEST MUSIC of the 80s and 90s... Sunny 93.3!


We would be happy to email you a copy of this.... please tell us in the voicemails where you want us to send it... you can say that right in the message... we will not put that part on the radio. THANK YOU for your service to our country... and thank you for recording a message on our new HERO HOTLINE!

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